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In 2007, Gary Edinger’s life was moments from ending.

For years, he logged by himself in the forests of Wisconsin. He was raised to be independent, resourceful, strong. One miscalculation when felling a tree severed his leg below the knee and his life changed in an instant. Miles from help and dangerously losing blood, Gary fought the desire to ease the pain and lie down in the snow, which would have certainly been a death sentence.

Gary’s incredible story is one of determination, for not only was he fighting for his will to live, but also to continue the lifestyle of an outdoorsman that he has pursued since he was a child.

For more reading on this tremendous individual, you can read Edge of Edinger, our story from Modern Huntsman Volume Three: Wildlife Management.

Gary’s book, Will to Live: Saga of Survival, is available at garyedinger.com

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