Podcasts have grown in popularity immensely over the last decade, from relative obscurity to the colossus of shows like the Joe Rogan Experience, pulling in tens of millions of listeners every month. I started the Into The Wilderness podcast back in 2015 with my brother Darryl, driven largely by an inquisitive mind and a desire to expand our conservation storytelling beyond film, in the most open, honest, and easily accessible way possible. Today, the podcast is now firmly part of the Modern Huntsman family. 

This year we released two special, limited series, allowing us to dive deeper into stories, and have a more conversational discussion around the topics which feed our insatiable desire to better understand the world we live in.Whether around a campfire, on the back of a Land Cruiser in the African bush, or some hotel room in a far away place, I always relish the opportunity to converse face to face with some of the amazing people who cross our paths and hear more of their stories.

You can listen to our shows on any podcast platform. Just search ‘Into The Wilderness’ or browse through any of the episodes below.

Byron Pace – Podcast host and Co-founder of Modern Huntsman

Into the Wilderness

Main Series

The mainstay format for over seven years strong, this was one of the first outdoor related podcasts in the UK, and continues to gain both momentum and a loyal following. Topics widely range from wildlife management to conservation, rhino poaching to grizzly/human conflict and many things in between.

Full library of over 200 episodes here.

From the Field

Limited Series

Combining nine different interviews with field audio and nature recordings, this 3 part series done in collaboration with the Cabela Family Foundation documents the largest reintroduction of lions and cheetahs in history. Done in a format similar to Radiolab and This American Life, you don’t want to miss it.

Ep 1 | Ep 2 | Ep 3

Living with Nature

Limited Series

This is an ongoing collaborative series in partnership with Swarovski Optik that asks a range of guests a standard set of five questions about to how they connect with nature. The variety of answers makes it both unique and unifying, and is an inspiring reminder to get outside more often.

Ep 1 | Ep 2 | Ep 3 | Ep 4 | Ep 5 | Ep 6


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