Volume One Digital

Volume One Digital


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The Modern Huntsman biannual publication is a collective showcase of photography and written stories from the top creatives and enthusiasts in the outdoor world, with the mission of restoring the perception of hunting in our modern society.

By design, Volume One is of an introductory nature, which will help lay the foundation for the path ahead, and explain a bit more about where we’re going. Our contributor list includes Charles Post (Guest Editor), Chris Douglas (Guest Editor), Jillian Lukiwski, John DunawayEamon Waddington, Travis GillettCamrin Dengel,  Kaleb White, Tanner Johnson, Nicole Belke and Dusan & Lorca Smetana, Adam Foss as well as stories from our Creative Director, Tyler Sharp, and a column from Simon Roosevelt.

Digitally enhanced from our printed version into our new Virtual Book Experience, Volume One boasts over 200 pages that feel more like an art portfolio than a publication, and a fitting showcase for the breathtaking work everyone has produced.

See you in the field!

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