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Volume Four Digital


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The Women’s Issue

Modern Huntsman Volume Four is focused on women of the outdoors. Led by a cast of female guest editors, this issue celebrates the accomplishments and stories of extraordinary gentlewomen in hunting, fishing, art, ranching and conservation. The individuals featured in this book have tremendous influence in forging the future for women in hunting while still honoring traditions that have been passed on for generations. They have overcome gender stereotypes to pursue their passions and professional fields, while challenging some of the preconceived notions of women in hunting. While we’ve always had female contributors at Modern Huntsman, we felt that many of their stories deserved a larger spotlight, so we’re dedicating the entirety of this issue to showcasing the tales of these amazing mothers, daughters and friends. With a range of demographics and geographic locations, we touch on spearfishing, sustainable food sourcing, historic women in conservation, the continuance of indigenous traditions, an array of women in the American West, African conservation, first time traditional archery hunts, women-run outdoor organizations, artisans and much more in over 250 pages of stunning photography and masterful storytelling.

In the spirit of this issue, we felt that whatever we chose for the cover photo needed to be by women, about women, and for women. This photo of the Alaska Salmon Sisters, taken by the insanely talented Dawn Heumann during her assignment to document their upbringing in remote Alaska, feels like the perfect representation of the themes we are exploring in this one. It was the very first image we selected, and while we certainly considered others throughout the process, our initial instinct proved true.

Our team of female editors, Katie Marchetti, Lindsey Davis, and Jess Johnson, under the direction of Guest Editor-in-Chief Nicole Qualtieri, have really made this issue something special. It’s chock full of courageous, inspiring and challenging stories from women all over the world, and we can’t wait to share it with everyone.

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