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We’re proud to present Volume Eight: Africa.

Despite being delayed by travel restrictions and country closures, our editorial team is proud to present Volume Eight: Africa. This one has been several years in the making, but better late than never, as they say. Drawing from the extensive field experience of Conservation Director Byron Pace and Editor in Chief Tyler Sharp, this issue is a carefully curated collection of stories that explores the nuances, myths and controversies of conservation in Africa. We cover a wide range of topics that are often difficult to discuss, including repopulation of big cats, human-wildlife conflict, the war on poaching, habitat destruction from elephant overpopulations, the mis-perception of hunting in Africa, and why many local African communities are tired of Western countries telling them what to do with their wildlife resources.

In short, there is plenty of interesting things to read about, and stunning photography to compliment it. With additional guidance by guest editor John Banovich, who also painted the cover art, we are confident that this will open your eyes to a broader view of the realities that African people and wildlife face, what challenges lie ahead, and how we can help in the appropriate way. Whether you’ve never been to Africa or are counting down the days until your next trip, this issue has something for everyone.

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