Volume Six Digital

Volume Six Digital


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In our sixth volume, we celebrate resilience.

To pursue a prosperous life, how much are we willing to endure? To what length can the human spirit be stretched before it breaks, and still be remolded? Despite pain, suffering and adversity, experiences can satisfy a primal need for connection to the natural world, and unify people from all walks of life. They teach us that we are capable of far more than we know, and that weathering the storms often makes a better version of ourselves. This is something that most of have experienced this year, more than ever.

This new volume shares stories of those in search of truth, peace, and survival. All of them chose to rise above circumstances, understanding that more tribulations are to come in this life, and whether they are praised for resilience in the public spotlight or only witnessed by the peaks and clouds of some remote backcountry, they remind us to be brave and keep pressing on.

Bound within these pages, you’ll find an odyssey of native whale hunters into a bloody sea, the miracle of biodiversity that survives our best collective efforts to destroy habitats, an artist’s ability to keep the spirit of the West alive, make first contact with a resilient tribe in the rainforests of Papua New Guinea, teeter on the edge of death in the high peaks of Idaho, learn of the hidden history of black cowboys and the man who keeps that heritage alive, and much more.

Cover photo by Bethany Goodrich

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