Volume Ten Digital

Volume Ten Digital


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We are excited to present our 10th volume of the Modern Huntsman publication. It’s the best one yet.

Our cover story wades into the controversy surrounding wolf management in the US, told from two perspectives, which draws from the field experience of several biologists as well as National Geographic Explorer Ronan Donovan. As always, we have a wide variety of story styles and topics including the last of traditional Japanese bear hunters, dove hunting in Texas, the question of sustainable whale hunting in Norway,  the longest Land Rover overland trip in history, the purpose and power of fire in a landscape, as well as the plight of tigers in Russia. We’ve also continued with several of the recurring thematic sections of the book, including our book review series The Literary Huntsman, our Wild Food column, and much more.

Contributors for this issue are Byron Pace, Tyler Sharp, Chris Dombrowski, Natalie Rhea, Chef Eduardo Garcia, Jenna Rozelle, Ronan Donovan, Jillian Lukiwski, Rob Green, Melanie Elzinga, Oak Storytellers, Caris Fawcett, Rick Bass, Benjamin Polley, Gloria Goni, Amanda Monthei, Mansal Denton and many more.


Due to continued increases in production costs, we only have a limited number of these books, and they are “first come, first shipped” after our initial subscriber and pre-order fulfillment.

Cover photo by Ronan Donovan.

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