Volume Five: Traditions

Volume Five: Traditions


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In Modern Huntsman Volume Five, we honor traditions.

Our fifth book is an ambitious collection of stories that explore the important role tradition plays in the continuance of values, customs and culture; these aspects often define our relationship with the natural world and the wild things within it. Traditions can help us connect to our family and ancestors. They can give understanding to acts of reverence practiced for generations, and bring us closer to the game we hunt and the food we eat, both wild and domesticated. Only through careful study of our past and present traditions can we hope to preserve their practice in the future, and encourage the founding of new ones.

In true Modern Huntsman fashion, we explore cultural traditions, telling stories from Japan, Iceland, Russia, Sweden, Scotland and Namibia, examine the sanctity of white-tailed deer hunting in the United States, learn about the cultural significance of bison for the Nez Perce tribe, experience wild boar hunting in Transylvania, learn the intricacies of traditional bow making, and showcase a chef’s desire to revisit classic wild game recipes defined by tradition, and much, much more.

Under the leadership of Editor-in-Chief Tyler Sharp and creative direction from Tito West, Volume Five: Traditions is 280 pages of storytelling from the far reaches of the globe to the backyard, and everywhere between.


  • 280 pages

  • 9″ x 11″ perfect bound

  • Soft-touch cover

  • Printed in the USA

  • FSC Certified Paper

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