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The Modern Huntsman biannual publication is a collective showcase of photography and written stories from the top creatives and enthusiasts in the outdoor world, with the mission of restoring the perception of hunting in our modern society. Printed on thick matte stock, and bound into a substantial book of over 200 pages, it is more of an art portfolio than a publication, and a fitting format for the breathtaking work that our talented storytellers have produced. 


  • 9″ X 11″ PERFECT BOUND



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Volume Seven: The Water Issue

Volume Five: Traditions

Volume Three: Wildlife Management

Subscriber FAQs

When do Volumes of Modern Huntsman ship out?

Currently, Volumes of Modern Huntsman are slated to release and ship in the summer and winter of each year. We appreciate your understanding of the extensive creative process, as well as current shipping constraints. 


When will I be billed for my Modern Huntsman subscription to the Volumes?

For customers who choose to pay annually, billing will occur each year on the date the subscription was initially purchased.

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All US-based Modern Huntsman subscribers will receive an automated email with tracking information from Please be sure to check your spam filters, etc. if you have not received this notification, otherwise, please feel free to email us at  While our international fulfillment partner does not send automated tracking emails, we would be glad to provide you with a tracking number should you wish. Simply email us at

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How do I reset my password?

Our current subscription management software does not require users to create a designated login and password to access their account details. Rather, to manage your account, please navigate to and follow the instructions to access your account.

How do I gift a subscription to family, friends, colleagues, etc.?

Subscriptions to Modern Huntsman make phenomenal gifts that are sure to be treasured and each new Volume eagerly anticipated. To gift a subscription, simply visit our subscribe page,  select your preferred subscription option (domestic, international options), then designate the intended recipient of the gifted subscription in the prompted fields during the checkout process.

How do I cancel my Modern Huntsman subscription?

To manage your account, including cancelling your subscription, please navigate to and follow the instructions to access your account. Then, select “Cancel” under the billing tab to end your subscription.


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