Volume Seven Digital

Volume Seven Digital


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Our team is very proud to present Volume Seven: The Water Issue.

This new volume dives into the importance and interconnectedness of our oceans, rivers, lakes and rainfall, and how vital it is for water sources to remain healthy for wildlife, and even us as humans, to survive. With an heavier tilt towards trout and salmon fishing stories in this issue, we also touch on how watersheds in Maui are being threatened by axis deer, the negative impacts lead ammunition has on riparian areas, the python problem in the Florida Everglades, how wolf hunters in Kyrgyzstan fight for to keep their cattle alive, as well as some classic duck hunting in the South. Of course, we have a few surprises, but you don’t want to miss this one. 

Cover photo is of traditional fishing practices on the Columbia River, taken in 1931 by Elite Studio, and sourced from the Library of Congress.


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