Volume Two Digital

Volume Two Digital


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In this issue we’re celebrating the freedom and privilege that we as Americans have to explore, hunt, fish and recreate on public lands, as well as highlighting contributions from private landowners to conservation, and honoring some of those who help maintain and manage the parks, trails and forests that we all deeply love. We also dive into the realities of land access in other parts of this diverse world, hoping that it will illuminate the differences that exist between home and abroad, for good or ill, and why it’s important to protect what we have.

Led by our Editor in Chief Tyler Sharp, Ecology Editor Charles Post, and Guest Editors Chris Burkard,  Brad Christian, and Andy Tran, Volume Two is a collection of over 25 prominent contributors, consisting of writers, photographers, conservationists, ecologists, hunters, and non-hunters across varied industries. While many have different opinions, beliefs or backgrounds, they share a common love for wild lands, and the importance of protecting it.

Printed on thick matte stock, and bound into a substantial book of 256 pages, it is a progression from Volume One, and dives into the current situation of our public lands, and beyond.

We hope you’ll join us in this chapter of our journey.

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