Modern Huntsman is a collective of top photographers and writers in the outdoor industry who are focused on improving the perception of hunting. We take on controversial topics with a diplomatic tone, and through our films, podcast and industry leading biannual publication, we are bringing about constructive conversations around hunting, angling, food sourcing and conservation topics with non-hunters.

We are working hard to create a better future for hunting and conservation, and we’d love to have you join us.

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Born out of frustration with the way hunting is often misrepresented in media, the Modern Huntsman publication is for like-minded conservationists, creatives and outdoor enthusiasts. We aim to inspire, educate, challenge, and set the record straight when it comes to the game we hunt, and the food we eat, both wild and domesticated, and tell a more balanced side of the story.

Printed twice a year on thick matte stock, it is more of an art portfolio than a publication, and a fitting format for over 250 pages of breathtaking work that our renowned storytellers have produced from around the world. This self-published book is subscriber supported by readers like you. We’re thankful for your support as we stay the course and continue in our mission to produce an innovative publication that helps bridge the communication gap with non-hunters.

Wild Food

More than ever before, public discourse is tilting toward ethical and responsible food sourcing. It is critical that we improve our understanding of wild game, foraging, ranching and sustainable fishing in their roles to put beautiful, nourishing fare on our tables.

Modern Huntsman gives a voice to individuals who are reimagining that special relationship with the food we eat, and the lengths they go to harvest it. Through chef features, recipes and interviews, we want to strengthen our connection to the natural world in the most primal aspect, and bring it into your home kitchen.

Into the Wilderness

We care deeply for conservation issues. That’s why Modern Huntsman is a proud supporter of the Into The Wilderness podcast. Hosted by Byron Pace, ITW is a place where all topics surrounding the outdoors and conservation are discussed including, but certainly not limited to: hunting, fishing, expeditions, environmental and wildlife management.

Many of the conversations that Byron has with a wide range of guests are not easy to have. Rhino management, grizzly bear delisting, conservation in Africa, fisheries, pangolin. All things discussed on the show are done so with an open mind and with the need to create understanding, often with people of differing opinions. Bridging the gap is no more essential than ever.


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