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Kay Foye has always chosen her own path.

From when she was a child, Kay has an unmistakable draw to the things that make the world beautiful. Horses. The wild. Knives. Of course, all are subjective, but for her, knives are an indispensable tool for everyday life that you do not want to be without when circumstances become extraordinary. She learned this during her time as a wrangler in Colorado.

In 2018, she began forging her own blades. What sets her knives apart are the stories that are forever set in the handles, crafted of materials that hold sentimental, spiritual or cultural value to the owner. These Legacy knives are time capsules designed for generations, as the utility of a sharp knife will never wane.

With the support of Stetson, this short film gives us a glimpse into Kay’s unwavering passion for a fulfilled life, even when the odds may be against her.

Kay’s perpetually unfolding story will be proudly told in Modern Huntsman, Volume Four: The Women’s Issue. Subscribe now to reserve your copy.

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