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Frequently Asked Questions

When do Volumes of Modern Huntsman ship out?

Currently, volumes of Modern Huntsman are slated to release and ship in the summer and winter of each year. We appreciate your understanding of the extensive creative process, as well as current shipping constraints. 


When will I be billed for my Modern Huntsman subscription to the Volumes?

For members who subscribed via a monthly plan, you will be billed the same day each month. For members who subscribed via a yearly plan, you will be billed the same day each year.


As a subscriber to the Modern Huntsman, how will I be notified when each new Volume is shipped?

Once the latest volume is ready to ship, you’ll receive an automated email, similar to the one you received when you signed up, notifying you that the latest volume has shipped and will include tracking info. You may also log into your Membership Dashboard and click on the “Orders” tab to get detailed information about your order and shipment as well.

How do I update my personal information (billing address, shipping address, card on file, etc.)?

To manager your membership details login to the Membership Portal and click on the Account Details tab. Within the Account Details tab you can update the following:

  • First and Last Name
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To update your billing or shipping address, click on the “edit” link next to the section’s title. This will bring you to a new page in order to update your billing or shipping address.

To update your card on file, visit the Payment Method’s tab in the Membership Portal. Once on the Payment Method tab page, you can add, edit or delete cards on file. Note: all cards on file are not stored on our servers but are hosted and secured by Stripe, our payment processor.

How do I reset my password?

To update or change your password, visit the Membership Portal when logged in. Select the Account Details tab and scroll down to the Password section.

If you are logged out and can’t access the Membership Portal, select the “Account” navigation tab where you will be directed to log in. Below the login section, select the reset password link and follow the instructions.

How do I gift a subscription to family, friends, colleagues, etc.?

Subscriptions to Modern Huntsman make phenomenal gifts that are sure to be treasured and each new Volume eagerly anticipated. To gift a subscription, simply visit the page of the product you’d like to purchase or subscribe to and select the “Add Gift Subscription” option. You may also choose this option at checkout if you previously forgot.

This will not create two subscriptions but rather turn the original into a gift. If you want to add a subscription for yourself, simply add another subsription without the option selected.

Once you complete your purchase, an email will be sent to you and the person receiving the gift. If they have an account with Modern Huntsman, the Gift Subscription will be automatically added to their Membership Dashboard under orders.

All gift subscriptions are managed by the person whom purchased them. Although the person receiving the gift may manage the subscrtiption, but with limited options.

How do I cancel my Modern Huntsman subscription?

To cancel your membership or subscription, head to the “Account” tab in the navigation. Once signed in you’ll be able to do all sorts of stuff relating to your Membership level including canceling, changing or updating your subscription.

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