Introducing The 2020 Spring/Summer Collection from James Purdey & Sons

Photography courtesy of James Purdey & Sons

Shot on location with Robin Hurt Safaris in Namibia

Ladies Linen Safari Shirt

Mens Percival Safari Vest

Mens Percival Safari Jacket

Ladies Cotton Field Vest

Many of us are familiar with the incredible craftsmanship of the rifles and shotguns made by James Purdey & Sons. That tradition of excellence carries over to the London company’s clothing, which couples a classic sporting look with modern fabric technology and durable construction. Take the Ventile® twill as an example. Originally developed for the Royal Air Force in WWII refined in the decades since, this time honored material is incorporated in the Mens Percival Safari Jacket and Vest, making it a fitting garment for the sportsman that seeks a more traditional approach to sporting attire.

Stay tuned for more storytelling from Purdey with their involvement in Modern Huntsman Volume Five: Traditions.

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