PRICE POINT: $6.67 a month billed as $80 annual payment, ($7.42 monthly, $89 annual payment for international)


Everything from digital tier plus:

  • 2 books a year
  • Free Shipping (All products? what will this cost us for multiple orders?)
    • Need to break out value of this (Value of $$) 
  • 40% of back issues
  • 10% off other products/merch, etc.  
  • Exclusive brand discounts
  • Access to premium only content
    • 4-6 team columns/month
    • 4-6 team newsletter updates/month
    • BTS volume production
      • Timelapse of design
      • Footage of press-check
      • Team review of layouts/cover selects (Zencaster video)
    • 4 x a year virtual Q/A with the team
    • What else? Ideally recurring, easily repeatable series 
    • Contributions from monthly guests. Field updates from around the world.
  • First access to events and guided experiences
    • Film Festivals, writing workshops, Scotland hunt
  • Automatic entry into periodic partner giveaways 
  • First access to limited edition products 
  • Podcast exclusives: subscriber questions, extra recordings

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