A Letter to our

Friends, Family And Distinguished Supporters, 

I truly hope you and your loved ones are as well as you can be, despite the circumstances. I’m writing to you from isolation in rural Montana, and while I’ve sat down many times in the last few days to pen this letter, I’ve failed to find the words to write, or the path to take.

Like so many across the world, our business has been affected by this pandemic, and I’ve spent the week trying to keep morale up amongst the team, to be encouraging, and cultivate a sense of hope, because I feel like that’s what all of us need right now. In the words of G.K. Chesterton, “Hope is the power of being cheerful in circumstances that we know to be desperate.” These are strange times indeed, but nothing that our dynamic human spirits can’t endure. We have to keep the inner flame lit, and forge ahead, so hang in there.

Modern Huntsman has always striven to be a source of inspiration, and we’re going to do our best to remind you of the beauty, majesty, and adventure that still exists in the world. And while we may not be able to enjoy it as fully right now, we can still journey there together through stories, photographs and films.

Beyond that, I’ve struggled with ways that we can do more to help the situation, being that we’re a small company with limited resources. Well, we’ve found an answer, and those two initiatives start today. Until this crisis abates, we will be donating 10% of all sales to support the efforts of our friends at Mystery Ranch in their production of masks for medical workers in Montana, and an additional 10% of sales will go towards putting freelance photographers and writers back to work, many of whom have lost their jobs for the entire year.

We’re trying to step up in a time of need, and while we wish that we could do more, this seems like an appropriate measure to support the collaborators and artists who have helped us build this community. We’re going to be rolling out several new products, stories, interviews and live Q&A’s in the coming weeks, and we hope that they brighten your day, and your homes. Our team has worked really hard on them, and we’re thrilled to share.

But we need your help, we can’t do this without you. So I’m humbly asking for your continued support as we get this off the ground and attempt to do something meaningful and impactful.

Help us provide medical workers with masks, help us support freelancers out of work, and help us weather this storm so that we can continue to produce inspiring, independent media and grow this initiative into something much larger. With the deepest sense of gratitude and humility that I have, I thank you for all of the support so far, and for the consideration as we move forward in this mission.

We’re in this together, so keep hope alive until we make it to the other side, where I feel that life will be all the sweeter.

Hope to see you in the field very soon.

Ways you can support

10% of all product sales go towards putting freelance photographers and writers to work

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