The mission


For those of you who don’t know, Modern Huntsman is a biannual publication for like-minded conservationists, creatives, and outdoor enthusiasts. Born out of frustration with the way hunting is often misrepresented today, this publication is told from the perspective of hunting purists and the diplomatically-minded, unaltered by the skews of mainstream media, corporate interests, or misinformed emotional rants.

For many of us, hunting is a way of life, a tradition passed down by our grandfathers, fathers, and brave mothers. It’s a way of staying connected to the land, harvesting wild food to sustain our families, and is a shared passion in most countries the world over. Hunting also plays a majority role in conservation, which ensures that wildlife populations thrive and expanses of land stay untamed — something we’re discussing in greater detail this issue.

But this isn’t just for hunters, and while we know that there will be opposition, we believe that through our collective stories, photographs, and films, we’ll be able to educate some folks about overlooked realities, and win the minds and hearts of those who still have them open. Through presenting stories based in virtue and ethics, as well as alternative perspectives on otherwise controversial topics, we aim to inspire, educate, challenge, and set the record straight in some cases.

Tired of being spoken against and labeled things we are not, it’s time to write a new story about hunting. We created Modern Huntsman to be the banner under which those with common cause can gather, in hopes of bringing about constructive conversation, and sensible solutions.

We hope you’ll continue this journey with us.


It all started with...

Founded by three friends, one of which was an urban, Dallas city boy who had never hunted before (Brad Neathery), one of which was a rural entrepreneur who had grown up with a bow in hand (Elliott Hillock), and one of which was the definition of a modern huntsman, with a passion for conservation and maintaining a tradition of purity in the outdoors (Tyler Sharp). These three had very little in common, but were each convicted by a shared vision - to create a new conversation that could forever change the industry of hunting. 

As many of you may already know, the story of Modern Huntsman began simply as an Instagram channel with a mission to source  images, stories, people and brands that empowered the pure & authentic lifestyle of the modern huntsman. Turned out, there were others that desired to see that type of lifestyle displayed as well. After a little over 18 months of curating stories on social media, we knew we needed to take it to the next level.

Modern Huntsman is on a mission to change the story of the industry of hunting through purveying the industry's essential storytellers, brands, destinations, and resources, displayed in a way that magnifies the beauty of this extraordinary lifestyle.

Modern Huntsman Team Brad Neathery Elliott Hillock Tyler Sharp