John Banovich: In Search of Africa

Dir. of Photography

Byron Pace

Executive Producer

Tyler Sharp


David Zuccarelli


In the latter part of 2021, we joined award-winning wildlife artist John Banovich in Kenya and Tanzania to create the first Modern Huntsman Studios film production. With Tyler Sharp as Executive Producer, and Byron Pace as Director of Photography, this short documentary gives an insight into John’s mind and process as an artist, honouring his dedication to the natural world and the wild beings in it. John was our guest editor and painted the cover art for Volume 8, was our featured artist, and we had the rare chance to work on all of this during the production of this film. Editing seems like less work when you’re doing it amongst friends at first light on the Serengeti plains.

Every day I get to leap out of bed and do the thing, without a doubt, I was put on this earth to do. I would do it if I had to pay money to do it, and I would do it if it was illegal.

John Banovich

Featured In

Volume Eight: Africa

Several years in the making, and drawing from the extensive field experience of Conservation Director Byron Pace and Editor in Chief Tyler Sharp, Volume Eight is a carefully curated collection of stories that explores the nuances, myths and controversies of conservation in Africa.

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