Father’s Day Gift Guide 2019

BY Jens Heig

Our Father’s Day Gift Guide is curated with products that we believe in. These men deserve that.

This is for the men that steadied our wits before harvesting our first deer and those that will someday do the same for their children. The men that guided us through our first backcountry experience and those who dream of future adventures with their own sons and daughters. To those that showed us how to be stewards of the natural world. To the traditions they have created and those yet to be. Fathers that enjoy the outdoors have a special opportunity to pass on their experience. We want to give you some gift ideas to not only show your appreciation for all that he has done for enriching your life, but to encourage special memories to be made together. Happy Father’s Day from your friends at Modern Huntsman.

Be well and enjoy.

Modern Huntsman:
Volume Three

With 272 premium pages, the third iteration of Modern Huntsman is our biggest and most ambitious yet. The perfect addition to his coveted library, best enjoyed with a glass of Garrison Brothers bourbon.

Danner: Sharptail

The essential. The necessary. Tried and true. Every man should wear out at least one pair of Sharptails in his lifetime, or at least try their absolute best. Inspired by the storied upland tradition, the Danner Sharptail series brings age-old quality and performance to the hunt.

Garrison Brothers: Small Batch Whiskey

Bourbon with purpose. Dan Garrison of Garrison Brothers carefully considers every note within his coveted small batch whiskey, making it a wonderfully smooth addition to pops’ sippin’ stash.

Holland & Holland: Leather Belt Cartridge

For the father who likes to keep his ammo handy and appreciates world-class leather craftsmanship. This belt is available in all calibers and sizes in dark brown leather with space for 25 cartridges. Made in England.

CHAMA Chair: Shadow Black

Planting down in a good seat is never overrated. The team at CHAMA developed this chair to handle nearly any activity with its removable backrest, fully adjustable legs, durable material and superior construction.

Vortex: Razor® HD 4000

When he only gets one shot, he better make sure it’s true. The Razor HD 4000 is at the pinnacle of rangefinder technology, optimized for crisp distance readouts and exceptional glass quality that you can expect from Vortex.

YETI: Rambler 14oz Mug

It keeps coffee hot in the morning and holds ice for bourbon in the evening. What more can he need? You better get two though, because both beverages pair well with rich conversation and storytelling.

Headspin: Convertible Lighting System

Outdoorsmen require versatility. Equipped with a magnetic attachment system called SPINDOCK, this revolutionary convertible lighting system can be used as a flashlight, headlamp, or even as a standalone light. Darkness is no longer a limitation.

First Lite: Sawbuck Brush Pant

Finally a replacement for the old denim field pants he refuses to give up. With its four-way stretch nylon and reinforced two-layer chap panels, the Sawbuck Brush Pant provides true mobility and protection on the prairie or in the grouse woods.

Daneson Toothpicks: Every Blend Box

Daneson has upended the idea of a toothpick, adding grace and character to this often unappreciated daily ritual. Cinna Mint is our favorite, but fortunately, Dad gets to try them all. Keep the charred tip out for maximum recognition.

LaCrosse: Alpha Muddy Boot

Walking through the muck has never been more convenient. Premium rubber on the outside, neoprene and Air-Circ mesh lining on the inside, the Alpha Muddy is perfect for the quick, messy jobs that dads always seem to get themselves into.

Seager x Stetson: Lasso Outdoor Hat

Every Stetson tells a story. Is it seasoned with dirt and grime? Carefully cared-for? The Lasso is the perfect continuance to your dad’s legend, or maybe even a new chapter. Let’s see where he takes it.

Mystery Ranch: Sawtooth 45 Pack

Whether he’s spending a night in the backcountry or packing out his harvest, the Sawtooth 45 is a dynamic-framed pack designed to carry everything needed for the unknown — no more, no less.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation Membership

TPWF is protecting the wild places Texans love. Through its We Will Not Be Tamed program, a new or recurring member has a chance to win a two-day guided fishing trip on a Texas river with a fly rod and reel from Temple Fork Outfitters. The gift that keeps on giving.

Patagonia: River Salt Wading Boots (Built by Danner)

Two great brands have teamed up to offer one of the most stable, durable wading boots on the market. The River Salt is built to handle salt water in the Bahamas or snow-fed rivers in Montana, giving dear ol’ dad every opportunity to wet the line.

MTN OPS: Conquer Strength System

That big sheep hunt your dad has planned for this fall? Time to get him to the gym. Backed by science-based nutrition, the trio of MTN OPS supplements is the start, middle and continuance of his strength journey.

GUNNER: G1 Intermediate Kennel

Dad’s best friend (besides you, of course) is entirely deserving of traveling in style and safety. Designed and made in the USA to be the most durable kennel that money can buy, no detail of the G1 has been overlooked. Why settle for less?

Benchmade: Mini Crooked River Family Knife

Don’t let him be caught without a blade. A classic shape for everyday carry, yet practical and durable for field use, the Mini Crooked River might be the only knife he needs. Add laser engraving so he can never forget where it came from.

JetBoil: MiniMo Cooking System

Five-star meals in the backcountry? Dad can make it a reality with the Minomo. An advanced regulator allows for precise simmer control and can still boil water in just over four minutes. No more free-dried food, it’s time to eat like a king. He earned it.

Smartwool: Men’s PhD® Hunt Socks

Soggy feet and cotton socks can ruin a trip. That’s a fact. Woven with a merino wool and nylon blend, the PHD Hunt socks will keep the dogs from barking during those long hunts on the prairie or in the mountains.

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