Civilware Striker Fixed Blade

By Brad Neathery  //  Photo Josh Abel

Featured Interview: Civilware Founder, Geoff Rowley

“I had a design idea that I thought was a good starting point; that design was our current Striker Fixed Blade, which was influenced by a houndsmen by the name of Ben Lilley. Ben made his own knives, as his father was a blacksmith, and he believed in the design benefits of  a ‘wavy blade’ in self defense situations or when his firearm would lock up when hunting bears. The offset lines of the recurve design allow the knife to bleed and cut concurrently without much work from the user; perfect when he needed to step in and finish the animal off when his firearm jammed and his precious hounds were at risk of injury.”

-Geoff Rowley, Founder of Civilware

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