Volume Three Contributors

Led by our Editor in Chief Tyler Sharp, Ecology Editor Charles Post, International Editor Byron Pace, Managing Editor Jens Heig, and Guest Editor Donnie Vincent, Volume Three is a collection of over 25 prominent writers, photographers, conservationists, ecologists, hunters, and non-hunters across varied industries. While many have different opinions, beliefs or backgrounds, they share a common love for wildlife, and the importance of protecting it.


Tyler Sharp

donnie vincent

Keith Balfourd

Joel Caldwell

john dunaway

adam foss

nick joyce

ben masters

kieran mulvaney

Darryl pace

charles post

simon roosevelt

chris burkard

jeremy collins

Lindsey elliot

gunnar guÐmundsson

max lowe

jason matzinger

josh “bones” murphy

brett seng

jo stenersen

Byron pace

Sam averett

Sashwa burrous

danny christensen

jack evans

jody horton

jillian lukiwski

matt mcdonald

brad neathery

Becca Skinner