Modern Huntsman Contributors

Volume Two Contributors

Led by our Editor in Chief Tyler Sharp, Ecology Editor Charles Post, and Guest Editors Chris Burkard, Brad Christian, and Andy Tran, Volume Two is a collection of over 25 prominent writers, photographers, conservationists, ecologists, hunters, and non-hunters across varied industries. While many have different opinions, beliefs or backgrounds, they share a common love for wild lands, and the importance of protecting it.


Tyler Sharp

Brad Christian

jillian lukiwski

Adam Foss

Pace Brothers

Danny Christensen

Grant Alban

Jason Goldman

Greg Peters

charles post

Andy Tran

Eduardo Garcia

lindsey elliott

Camrin Dengel

Sam Soholt

Rachel Pohl

erin kiley

Greg Blascovich

Max Kilibarda

chris burkard

simon roosevelt

rachel ahtila

Becca Skinner

Nick Kelley

Joel Caldwell

Jay Kleberg

Ryan Youngblood

Reid Bryant