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Today on the show I’m joined by Charles Post, Tyler Sharp and Brad Neathery to discuss their new publication Modern Huntsman and the question of how we represent and communicate our hunting lifestyle.



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Episode #33

We’ve got an exciting episode this week with Brad Neathery and Tyler Sharpe from Modern Huntsman on the show. And for INSIDE EPIC, we’ll share EPIC’s newest product launch with you and tell you how you can be among the first to try some!


With their publication Modern Huntsman, Brad and Tyler are working to change the image of hunters we're accustomed to and raise awareness about the role the hunting community plays in conservation, land stewardship, and animal welfare. Coming from someone with very little experience hunting, this episode has just as much for the non-hunter as for the seasoned hunter.



The Fiberglass Manifesto

Modern Huntsman 

During a time when many publishers are stepping away from print in favor of online, other creatives are seeing this same time as an opportunity to bring to print something unique and special.  Fly fishing has several magazines in this vein and certainly hunting deserves this as well.

Volume One of the Modern Huntsman is both impressive and beautiful in it's over two hundred pages of photography and articles.  A worthy read and a magazine that you'll forever keep in your library or bedside.



The Explora

The ‘Modern Huntsman’ Publication – A New Perspective

I recently had the pleasure of hosting one Tyler Sharp, a journalist and photographer from the USA. I first met Tyler earlier this year at the Safari Club International convention when he casually and rather shyly wandered onto our stand holding a copy of some new publication. My initial thoughts were of some mildly eccentric character, better placed in a Western movie than the floor of the worlds largest hunting show.

Waiting for some lame sales pitch and preparing to savage all that he might say, I took the volume from his hand and began to flick through the pages. First impressions were of a beautifully produced publication, the like of which I had yet to see in the hunting world. This was no throw away magazine, this was something different and as the Texan boy told me his story I knew that this was someone with real passion for what he was doing and that we had a common interest in the future of our sporting heritage.



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Tyler Sharp, Part II – Modern Huntsman

If you’ve been listening to the podcast for a while, then surely you’ll remember Tyler Sharp. He’s the creative director, photographer, and writer who has explored everywhere from east Africa to Montana’s Paradise Valley and has the stories and images to prove it. He currently works with some of the biggest brands in the outdoor industry, such as Filson and Yeti, helping them to tell authentic and engaging stories. Tyler’s first podcast episode has been one of my most popular—we went deep, covering everything from big-game hunting to kung fu to conservation—so I wanted to have him back to continue the conversation and discuss his latest project, Modern Huntsman.





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Q&A: Modern Huntsman Cofounder and CEO, Brad Neathery

One of our favorite things about hunting is that everyone sees it differently. Your perspective is different than mine, and it's different from guys like Remi Warren's or Steve Rinella's, and it's even different from your hunting buddy's. We recently met some fellas who recognize this, and have been telling their own unique perspective for several years.

Brad Neathery founded Modern Huntsman just as an Instagram page. But it grew. And it grew fast. After several years, he's turning the project into a print magazine through a crowdfunding effort, and we're very intrigued. We've donated to the project, and hope you'll do the same. Remember: Every effort that helps further the outdoorsman and woman's lifestyle is an effort we should all support. 



‘Modern Huntsman’ May Change Your Perspective on Hunting

With all this farm to table hoo-ha all over our menus and social feeds, men took it to the next level and got back to hunting their own food. We say, bravo, gents!

If you are going to eat sustainably sourced meat, what better way than to hunt the beast yourself? Brad Neathery saw this trend coming and founded Modern Huntsman, a biannual publication out of Dallas, Texas. Neathery is looking to shift the public’s perception of hunting by publishing the experiences, emotions, and traditions that are associated with the activity.



Muddy shutter media

Modern Huntsman: Volume One

Since the start of Muddy Shutter Media, we’ve always looked to the hunting, outdoor, and sporting communities for inspiration and motivation. The amount of quality and depth in the content that we collectively saw everyday was absolutely breathtaking.

Artist, photographers, and influencers such as Chris Douglas and Charles Post inspired us constantly to create authentic and genuine stories and visual imagery of our outdoor pursuits.

Enter Modern Huntsman.

What started as an aggregation of visual imagery from some of the best social media influencers and content creators – quickly evolved. Now, they’ve successfully launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund their very first Bi-Annual magazine!