Modern Huntsman Featured on Gear Patrol

8 Best Outdoor Adventure Magazines

Our team at Modern Huntsman is flattered to have been selected by Gear Patrol to have Volume Two included in their “8 Best Outdoor Adventure Magazines” list. As many of you already know, our mission is to bridge the gap between the hunting and non-hunting community with the intent to improve the perception of hunting in our modern society. This inclusion is a major symbolic representation that our mission is coming to fruition. We still have so far to go, but we are so pleased to see how far this mission has already come.

Modern Huntsman on Gear Patrol

Included alongside other highly respected publications in the outdoor space, such as Surfer’s Journal, Another Escape, Adventure Journal, and several others, we don’t take this honor lightly. In the review, Gear Patrol says:


“Don’t expect guns and big trophy photos from this hunting publication — Modern Huntsman focuses instead on explorers, artists, cooks, and issues like conservation, sustainability and access. At the heart of it all: story.”


To the thousands of you who have helped to make Modern Huntsman a reality, we simply can’t thank you enough. As we continue to work to improve the perception of hunting and invite people who may not otherwise have given hunting a second thought, we must always consider how we speak, act, and respond to opposition. People are listening and we can be the light that draws them in or the darkness that shuts them out.

In both purpose and practice, aim true and shoot straight.