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Volume Seven: The Water Issue

This new volume dives into the importance and interconnectedness of our oceans, rivers, lakes and rainfall, and how vital it is for water sources to remain healthy for wildlife, and even us as humans, to survive. With an heavier tilt towards trout and salmon fishing stories in this issue, we also touch on how watersheds in Maui are being threatened by axis deer, the negative impacts lead ammunition has on riparian areas, the python problem in the Florida Everglades, how wolf hunters in Kyrgyzstan fight to keep their cattle alive, as well as some classic duck hunting in the South. Of course, we have a few surprises, but you don’t want to miss this one. 

Volume Six: Resilience

Bound within these pages, you’ll find an odyssey of native whale hunters into a bloody sea, the miracle of biodiversity that survives our best collective efforts to destroy habitats, an artist’s ability to keep the spirit of the West alive, make first contact with a resilient tribe in the rainforests of Papua New Guinea, teeter on the edge of death in the high peaks of Idaho, learn of the hidden history of black cowboys and the man who keeps that heritage alive, and much more.

Volume Five: Traditions

Our fifth book is an ambitious collection of stories that explore the important role tradition plays in the continuance of values, customs and culture; these aspects often define our relationship with the natural world and the wild things within it. Traditions can help us connect to our family and ancestors. They can give understanding to acts of reverence practiced for generations, and bring us closer to the game we hunt and the food we eat, both wild and domesticated. Only through careful study of our past and present traditions can we hope to preserve their practice in the future, and encourage the founding of new ones.

Volume Four: The Women’s Issue

Modern Huntsman Volume Four is focused on women of the outdoors. Led by a cast of female guest editors, this issue celebrates the accomplishments and stories of extraordinary gentlewomen in hunting, fishing, art, ranching and conservation. The individuals featured in this book have tremendous influence in forging the future for women in hunting while still honoring traditions that have been passed on for generations. They have overcome gender stereotypes to pursue their passions and professional fields, while challenging some of the preconceived notions of women in hunting. While we’ve always had female contributors at Modern Huntsman, we felt that many of their stories deserved a larger spotlight, so we’re dedicating the entirety of this issue to showcasing the tales of these amazing mothers, daughters and friends. With a range of demographics and geographic locations, we touch on spearfishing, sustainable food sourcing, historic women in conservation, the continuance of indigenous traditions, an array of women in the American West, African conservation, first time traditional archery hunts, women-run outdoor organizations, artisans and much more in over 250 pages of stunning photography and masterful storytelling.

Volume Three: Wildlife Management

Our third installment explores the nuanced and complex relationship we as humans have with wildlife, as well as the circumstances in which we’re required to help restore balance for species at risk of disappearing, or reduce numbers for others that threaten to change ecosystems forever. Many of the topics that we discuss are hotly debated, such as the impacts a border wall between the US and Mexico would have on wildlife migrations, and the delisting status of grizzly bears in North America. Our goal is to deepen the understanding of the interconnected themes of conservation, habitat protection, land use, invasive and introduced species, and ethical harvest for a holistic illustration of what it means to be a steward of the natural world.

Volume Two: Public Lands

In this issue we’re celebrating the freedom and privilege that we as Americans have to explore, hunt, fish and recreate on public lands, as well as highlighting contributions from private landowners to conservation, and honoring some of those who help maintain and manage the parks, trails and forests that we all deeply love. We also dive into the realities of land access in other parts of this diverse world, hoping that it will illuminate the differences that exist between home and abroad, for good or ill, and why it’s important to protect what we have.

Volume One

The Modern Huntsman biannual publication is a collective showcase of photography and written stories from the top creatives and enthusiasts in the outdoor world, with the mission of restoring the perception of hunting in our modern society.

By design, Volume One is of an introductory nature, which will help lay the foundation for the path ahead, and explain a bit more about where we’re going. Our contributor list includes Charles Post (Guest Editor), Chris Douglas (Guest Editor), Jillian Lukiwski, John DunawayEamon Waddington, Travis GillettCamrin Dengel,  Kaleb White, Tanner Johnson, Nicole Belke and Dusan & Lorca Smetana, Adam Foss as well as stories from our Creative Director, Tyler Sharp, and a column from Simon Roosevelt.

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