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Contributor Guide

01. Payment

Contributor payments will be based on the scope of work outlined in your individual contributor agreement. Deposits will be paid upon execution of the scope of work contract which includes final word counts, with final invoices paid when the issue goes to print. If your compensation includes a percentage of sales, payments will be sent via Paypal on the 15th of every month. Please send in an invoice for your deposit payment, along with a current mailing address, to editorial@modernhuntsman.co. This invoice will be used to mail both the deposit and final check, as well as send your complimentary issue.

02. Discount Codes, Complimenary Magazines, & Tear Sheets

As a contributor of this issue of Modern Huntsman, you will receive one complimentary magazine with our first shipment. You will also receive digital tear sheets to include on your website. Please note that we are unable to offer discount codes or additional complimentary magazines for friends and family at this time. If you are one of our percentage of sales contributors, you will receive a discount code to share with your audience to encourage an increase in sales. The discount code and amount will be communicated when the final issue goes to print.

03. File Formats

Please submit written articles and photos through our platformSubmittable by the deadline. Articles should be in a plain text format with all extra spacing removed, and photos should be submitted as high-res JPGs. Please only submit photography and writing that the Modern Huntsman team has permission to publish. Any additional images that are used throughout the magazine will be sent for approval before publishing. Content will be reviewed within two weeks of submission date, in which photo selections and article revisions will be communicated for final delivery.